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The Great Circle, Journey to Where is a non-academic exploration of our individual and collective evolutionary journeys. Presented in layman’s terms, the main themes of this book are as follows:

  1. We human beings are simultaneously human animals and transcendental beings—animate personalities blended with exquisite faculties.

  2. To fulfill our potentials, and to be constructive and productive in the long run, we must consciously and progressively function from a balance of those two aspects of ourselves.

  3. We must balance our “left brain” and “right brain” dynamics in order to efficiently achieve that long range goal.

  4. Western consciousness and culture—which historically has been unbalanced to its left brain side—has sped ahead with intellectual, scientific, and technological evolution and has mostly ignored its psychological and spiritual evolution; while Eastern consciousness and culture—which historically has been unbalanced to its right brain side—has been operating in the opposite evolutionary mode.

  5. The ongoing dynamics of modern globalization, along with unfolding New Millennium realities, will increasingly require all of us to recognize and correct our own imbalances.

  6. We can use our internal free choice and free will in cooperation with evolutionary dynamics, and therefore participate in creating destinies which reflect our potentials; or we can resist evolutionary dynamics and consequently have mediocre destinies thrust upon us by external circumstances and events.

The subject of left brain and right brain dynamics and their differences is an important sub-theme running throughout this book. As it is mainly written for a Western audience, there is much content to help readers gain a more workable understanding of right brain dynamics operating in individual and collective psyches. Another sub-theme runs throughout that content: illustrations from right brain predominant cultures (mainly North American Indians, China, and India) are given to help readers gain that understanding.

The book has been composed to reflect its themes concerning left brain-right brain balance and transitional dynamics in evolutionary processes. Left brain and right brain communication techniques are woven throughout the text, including right brain techniques such as fiction, poetry, metaphor, humor, biographical anecdotes, and hypothetical constructs; and left brain techniques such as presentation of objective and factual information, logical constructions and deconstructions, literal interpretation, and rational analysis. This admixture helps bring to the participating reader deeper understanding of the materials concerning left brain-right brain balance. As this book’s main theme concerns evolutionary dynamics in our changing times, the chapters gradually proceed from exploring traditional thought and realities into exploring the unfolding thoughts and realities of the new millennium, all the while seeking balanced foundations for this transitional bridge. (The book’s Author’s Notes explain more about the compositional style that was created for a new millennium book.)

As this book is over 600 pages, and incorporates a variety of styles and themes to support the main theme, most readers should find it of value.

(For more information, excerpts from every chapter and section of The Great Circle are available on this site.)


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